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Dr Roseanne Sant Cortis


Dr Roseanne Sant Cortis

B.A. LL.D. M.A. (Dip.St)

Associate Lawyer

Dr. Roseanne Sant Cortis, B.A. LL.D. M.A. (Dip.St), is an advocate who obtained her law degree from University of Malta in 2008. After gaining her legal practitioner’s warrant, she pursued a Master of Arts in Diplomatic Studies at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC), within the University of Malta. Her comprehensive studies encompassed diplomatic studies, international relations, economics, law, and the art of diplomacy.

With a comprehensive background in the legal domain, Dr. Sant Cortis has held significant roles during her career. She served as a legal officer within the Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs, gained experience as a Diplomat within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and subsequently held a legal officer position with the Malta Tourism Authority. All this before joining the esteemed legal team at Sciberras Advocates.

Over the course of her professional journey, Dr. Sant Cortis has gained expertise in contract law, employment law, litigation, and arbitration. Demonstrating linguistic abilities, she is fluent in Maltese, English, and Italian languages, with a fundamental grasp of the French language. Throughout her career, Dr. Sant Cortis remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.