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Very often, local authorities, banks and regulated entities require legal certifications of documents by warranted professionals such as lawyers, notaries and accountants.

This procedure involves a written statement, signed and then sealed certifying the true likeness of an identification document such as a passport or I.D. card, or for example certifying the original signature or any documents seen in original.  

When a professional certifies such documents, they are confirming that the documents are a true and faithful copy of the original seen by himself/herself. Such certifications would include this statement, date and place of certifications, a signature and will be sealed by a stamp indicating the qualifications of the certifier. Furthermore, when declarations are required to be confirmed on oath, our lawyers can assist in the preparation of a sworn declaration or an affidavit to be then confirmed before a Commissioner for Oaths or a registrar at the law courts. 

Our legal team can provide you with a professional certification service including:  

  • Certification of documents 
  • Legalisation of documents 
  • Notarisation of documents  
  • Apostille of documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  
  • Affidavits and Sworn Declarations  

At Sciberras Advocates, our lawyers can assist with any of the above requests for certifications, legalisation, affidavits and sworn declarations.