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Residence & Citizenship



Residence & Citizenship

No matter what type of residency permit issues you have, or if you are seeking a residency in Malta or an alternative citizenship, our lawyers can assist you with the necessary works.

Once we have studied your case, we will be able to offer you solutions for various residency programmes in Malta such as the Global Residence Programme (GRP). This is a programme designed to attract individuals who are not nationals of the EU, EEA or Switzerland and who are not long-term residents. Furthermore we also offer the Nomad Residence Permit that enables holders to retain a current employment based in another country whilst legally residing in Malta. This permit is ideal to individuals who can work remotely and online. The Nomad Residence Permit is open to individuals from third countries, who would normally require a Visa to travel to Malta. It will be issued for one year and can be renewed.

If on the other hand you are seeking an alternative citizenship, we are available to assist you in the preparation of the application and guide you on all the necessary steps to obtain a second passport. We guarantee simplified and accelerated processes with several benefits when obtaining a second passport. Such advantages include a secure future for yourself and your family, overall convenience, a fast and lifetime solutions, and immediate access to Schengen areas and various countries without visa. 

If there is great instability of government in your own country or you want to protect the future of your family and generations to come by having a dual passport, you also have the option to buy a second passport.  

We currently specialise in various citizenship by investment programmes outside of Malta. 

Directly or through our authorized intermediaries, at Sciberras Advocates we are able to assist you in getting your Malta residency or a second citizenship. We are also happy to explore other countries for your new residence and citizenship and assist you in all legal matters related to residency and citizenship.  


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