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Work Permits & Residency



Work Permits & Residency


Third Country Nationals (TCNs) seeking to work in Malta require a work permit (Single Work Permit) to be able to work and reside in Malta. Sciberras Advocates can handle the work permit, visa and residency process for local firms who are employing TCNs, including also Key Employee Initiative (KEI) applications, Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI) applications as well as EU Blue Card applications.

As an employer, once a TCN individual has accepted your job in Malta, they will need to apply for the Single Work Permit and present a set of documents. When the application is accepted in principle, the individual will need to apply for a Visa in the closest Consulate or Embassy, and as soon as granted they will be able to fly to Malta to commence working for your firm. Once here they will need to finalise the Single Work Permit process and apply for a Maltese Residence Card. Please note we also offer administration and liaising with Identità (Identity Malta Agency) for any follow up questions and documentation required.

The team at Sciberras Advocates will be happy to assist you in getting your new employees to Malta, by applying for the Single Work Permit, Visa, and Malta Residence Card for them, ensuring that all steps go smoothly, with the opportunity also to do appeals directly with our firm in case of rejections. If your company or business requires assistance on work permit documentation in Malta, then you can reach to us to handle all your paperwork. We can also handle all the paperwork for posted workers in Malta.


Sciberras Advocates is also able to handle residency permits for individuals from the EU who would like to reside in Malta. There are many scenarios on how one can apply to become a Maltese residence, being on employment or self-employment basis, rights of European Economic Area (EEA) nationals, joining family members, students, or economically self-sufficient persons, including pensioners or retired individuals.

Sciberras Advocates has designed a program for EU nationals to relocate to Malta on a self-employment basis and obtain the resident permit. This setup is designed for individuals who have working contracts on a freelance basis or self-employment basis and want to choose Malta as their base for invoicing. It is open to everyone, but we recommend it to individuals whose income does not exceed €70,000 per year. 

Our team of lawyers in Malta will assist and handle paperwork in every stage of the relocation process to Malta for EU and non-EU persons.