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Our Story

Sciberras Advocates is a boutique legal practice based in Malta composed of an experienced team of lawyers coming from different business backgrounds who is ready to listen and service you in the best way possible.  

We understand that everyone at some point needs legal advice whether on a personal basis or on more complex business scenarios. At Sciberras Advocates this is possible since the team not only specialises in law, but also holds business, corporate and accounting background experiences. This is vital to understand any complex commercial scenarios you might need to solve.  

We are here to deliver excellent client service through our capabilities, whilst always holding on to our values of clarity, integrity, accountability and excellence. Our values define us, how we work, as well as how we interact with our team, clients and partners. Our values are important to us and so are our clients’ needs. Our lawyers are members of the Maltese Bar and the Maltese Chamber of Advocates. 


Malta Lawyers: We Fight For Justice

As a group of Malta lawyers, we are committed to providing only the best of legal services by engaging with our clients, leading to long-term loyalty and relationships. 

In fact, our best satisfaction is being able to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers, leading to referrals from our very own successful and satisfied clients. 

More information about the background of the founder of Sciberras Advocates, Dr Adrian Sciberras can be found in the section further below. Meanwhile follow our blog for the latest updates, news, and case studies.

Malta advocates with many years of experience in various cases.


Meet Our Advocates

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Dr Adrian Sciberras

Advocate and CPA
Sciberras Advocates Roseanne Sant Cortis - Final

Dr Roseanne Sant Cortis

Associate Lawyer
Sciberras Advocates Daniil Kazakov - Final

Dr Daniil Kazakov

Associate Lawyer