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Data Protection Law



Data Protection Law

Data protection is a very delicate matter and very often issues arise upon collection and processing of data.

Data protection policies, GDPR compliance, privacy notices, consent forms, terms and conditions on websites and related matters are areas of expertise that can be handled by our team of lawyers.

As some background information, some of the data protection laws ensure that personal information is only gathered for specific purposesThe individual about whom information is obtained should know that you are gathering and storing this information, and that such gathered information is used only for the purpose for which it was obtained and is not passed on to third parties without the individual’s consent. A data controller has the most responsibility when it comes to protecting the privacy and rights of the data’s subject.  

As part of our services within the data protection law scenario, we are able to advice on data audits, draft privacy policies and terms and conditions, draft data processing and data transfer agreements, work out data processing and GDPR notifications, abuse of personal data through unsolicited marketing and spam, and more. 

At Sciberras Advocates, we can provide you support, guidance on anything related to data protection law in Malta and internationally.