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Legal Opinion



Legal Opinion

A legal opinion, also referred to as an opinion letter, is an opinion issued by a lawyer in the form of a letter expressing legal analysis and opinions, or conclusion about an issue, matter or transaction.

These letters are essential in various commercial contexts and serve as a reassurance of what the transaction documents will bind all parties involved into. 

The main purposes of a legal opinion are generally to inform and identify the illegibility or legibility of a condition. It informs the addressee of the legal effect and consequences of a transaction or matter by gaining legal conclusions. It also identifies legal risks that the addressee should consider further and evaluate prior to entering into an agreement. A legal opinion is therefore a valuable document in protecting the recipient as apart from informing and identifying legal risks, it also confirms whether a party is able to enter and perform obligations identified in the transaction documents. 

At Sciberras Advocates, our lawyers can handle legal opinions or opinion letters by providing a professional write up based on legal principles.