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Financial Crime



Financial Crime

Financial crimes fall within the criminal law setting and have been in the limelight in most recent years worldwide.

Such crimes related to money laundering imply a flow of illicit funds and financial earning from criminal activities into the economy. Ultimately, they will appear to be deriving from legitimate sources, making the illegally obtained funds look clean. 

In Malta, Anti-Money Laundering and the Combating of the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) are regulated by the Prevention of Money Laundering Act and its subsidiary legislations. 

Our lawyers are focused on financial crimes and financial investigations as they are able to provide analytical services on accounting and taxation numbers due to their professional accounting backgrounds. At Sciberras Advocates, we are able to assist with forensic analysis to aid in assisting criminal lawyers in Malta who are defending clients charged in money laundering cases. We will gladly take instructions on behalf of other prosecutors or defence in a wide range of cases such for false accounting, financial services crime, VAT or tax evasion, proceeds of crime and more. We can perform a detailed analysis of the financial records, goods and money movements, port and shipping records from which we would be able to demonstrate that the defendant was engaged in a legitimate business.