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Defamation Law



Defamation Law

Defamation of character refers to any statement, written or verbal, that hurts someone’s reputation.

A written defamation is called libel whilst a spoken defamation is called slander. In recent times when the online world has been made accessible to many through social media accounts, news portals commenting, blogs and so on, many started voicing their opinion in a free and instant manner. In recent years, the Laws of Malta have established a legal framework for media law, libel, defamation and slander, referring also to the new term of written media for a more technological approach.  

The law of defamation generally states that if you believe you have been defamed, you have to prove that there has been a statement that is false, injurious, and unprivileged. Here at Sciberras Advocates we are able to assist you in your defence for any defamation circumstances.