EU Nationals: Self-Employment & Residence in Malta

Residence Malta

Sciberras Advocates has designed a simple yet efficient way for an EU national to relocate to Malta on a self-employment basis and obtain the resident permits. If you are an EU national, there are several advantages to settle here in Malta, and these are not only related to tax benefits but include good standard of living, a great network of skilled locals and expats to mingle with, various co-working spaces and more.

Through Sciberras Advocates, the firm can assist you to relocate your self-employment business to Malta. This program is designed for individuals who have working contracts on a freelance basis or self-employment basis and want to choose Malta as their base for invoicing. This setup is open to everyone, but we recommend it to those whose income does not exceed €70,000 per year.

To obtaining residence and self-employment in Malta, all you need is you provide Sciberras Advocates with your passport bio page, your current residence/identity card, and with an address where you will be residing in Malta.

What you will obtain by applying:

•             Jobsplus Registration

•             Social Security Number

•             Tax Number

•             VAT Number

•             VAT Certificate

•             Residence Card Number Application

•             Residence Card

You will need to physically be present in Malta to attend at Identity Malta Agency offices to do the biometrics for the residence card and subsequently for the collection. Our office will assist and guide you through the full process.

After you obtain the card and settle here in Malta, through our tax accountants, we can provide you with assistance to computing VAT returns, pay Social Security Contributions and file income tax returns on a yearly basis, essentially fulfilling all your needs with the Commissioner for Revenue in Malta.

For more information and a quote, do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

This article is for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

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