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January 2024 marks the start of a new expedited application process for highly skilled foreign workers. The Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI) Single Work Permit will provide fast-tracked services to highly skilled third-country nationals, who may not be eligible for the Key Employee Initiative, but who hold the relevant academic, vocational or technical skills in line with their employment offer in Malta.

The scheme will facilitate the issuing of work/residence permits if the employee meets certain criteria in terms of qualifications and salary. The eligibility criteria for the Specialist Employee Initiative include an annual gross salary of at least €25,000 per annum and must be in possession of either an MQF Level 6 or higher in an area directly related to the employment position being offered in Malta or other academic, vocational or other certified qualified skill qualifications, which equate to an MQF level lower than MQF Level 6, but which are directly related to the position being offered by the Maltese employer, together with, a minimum of three years’ experience in a position directly related to the one being offered in Malta.

In fact, proof of experience must be presented in the form of either or a combination of previous employment contracts (signed by both employer and employee), employment history issued and officially certified (stamped or legalised) by the official employment authority in the country where employment was held or reference letters by former employer/s. Reference letters must show the start and end dates and details of the work carried out. The letters should contain clear contact details of the referee including a valid email address, postal address, and contact number. Identità may request additional documentation to determine eligibility.

The processing time for Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI) applications is fifteen working days, starting from the date of application submission of all the necessary documentation.

The three main eligibility criteria for Key Employee Initiative and Specialist Employee Initiative for the third-country national applicant:

Key Employee Initiative

  • A minimum gross basic salary of €35,000
  • The position offered in Malta is either managerial or highly technical
  • Duly certified and recognised qualifications of the applicant by (MQRIC)
  • Processing time – five working days

Specialist Employee Initiative

  • A minimum gross basic salary of €25,000
  • The position offered in Malta is professional or technical
  • Minimum MQF Level 6 or equivalent qualifications directly related to the job
  • In case of an MQF lower than level 6, proof of a minimum of three years’ experience in a position directly related to the one being offered in Malta
  • Processing time – fifteen working days

More info here: https://sciberras.legal/practice-areas/work-permits-residency/

If you are a local employer seeking to employ third country nationals, Sciberras Advocates can handle the work permit, visa and residency process including Single Work Permits, Key Employee Initiative (KEI) applications and Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI) applications.

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